Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ozzie (expletive) Guillen

Man, oh man, was White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen on his soapbox Saturday in Minnesota.

Best I can figure, Ozzie believes the NL (bleepin) Central is horrible, and all of the (bleepin) managers in the league are just (bleepin) jealous that Guillen, a Mexican, won a World Series title.

Guillen is a (bleepin) reporter's dream. Here's some classic stuff from the Chicago Sun Times:

Hey Oz, how's that sensitivity training working for ya?


James O'Hara said...

Jeff - I'm curious. What led you to beleive that Ozzie Guillen is Mexican? Did you read it somewhere? Did you assume he's Mexican because he speaks Spanish and referred to himself as Latino.
The conclusion by some that Latinos in this country are Mexican because they speak Spanish has always intrigued me. No, Jeff, Ozzie Guillen hails from Venezuela. He talks about his home country frequently.

Jeff Wallner said...

Actually, I was just playing along with the story in the Chicago Sun Times.

In it, Guillen referred to himself as being Mexican before a reporter corrected him.

Guillen laughed and said nobody knows the difference anyway.

It was one of the more humorous exchanges in the interview.

Sorry for the confusion. My joke missed its mark.