Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baker rips Padres, er, I mean Reds.

It seems Dusty Baker can do little right these days.

So it should come as no surprise that the Reds skipper failed mightily Wednesday night in an effort to lamblast his struggling team.

Following a 7-1 loss to last-place San Diego before 17,201 fans on Ladies Night at Great American Ball Park, a game in which the Reds offense produced one hit and had just three base runners, Baker offered this:

"They're not a good club," Baker said, referring to the Padres. "If they're not a good club and they're beating us like this, what does that make us?"

Well, not very good, although the comment probably did more to tweak San Diego's fragile ego than the Reds'.

The Padres are bad, real bad. But the last thing Baker needed to do was to help motivate an opponent, whether he intended to or not.

Less than 24 hours after Baker's comments, the Padres improved to 41-62 by beating the Reds yet again and taking three of four in the series.

"What does that make us?," Baker wonders.