Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A bloodied, battered hero

Ryan Freel stood at his locker following tonight's game with a golf-ball size welt on his right side and an ice pack wrapped around his shoulder and chest area.

Freel had his usual assortment of bruises but those occured prior to his Willie Mays-esque catch that robbed Albert Pujols of a two-run double during the Reds' 10-3 victory over the Cardinals at Great American Ball Park.

With blood still oozing from his wound after the game, Freel was asked if he hurt himself making the sensational diving grab.

"Not as far as I know right now," he said. "I still have some adrenaline going. We'll know about 3 a.m. after I'm asleep. I'll probably wake up with stiffness here or there."

One word: warrior.

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Brian B. said...

I don't know. I never saw Willie Mays do a face-plant on the warning track.