Thursday, August 17, 2006

A not-so perfect 10

Bronson Arroyo tried a new hairstyle. He tried channeling Bo Derek. He even joked last week that he'd sacrifice a few live chickens. An anonymous individual even tried to help by sending Arroyo a vase of ten red roses which were placed at his locker in the Reds clubhouse at Busch Stadium.

In the end, all it took for Arroyo to earn his elusive 10th victory was a couple of high-wire acts and some good old fashioned run support.

Arroyo had to face Albert Pujols in a couple of precarious situations, but he managed to escape them both en route to a seven-inning, four-hit effort in which he allowed just one run.

Behind Arroyo, the Reds beat the Cardinals 7-2 to move back within 1 1/2 games of first place in the NL Central Division.

Arroyo proclaimed following the game that he will be removing his infamous cornrows.

Prediction: it won't take this long for Arroyo to win No. 11. If it does, the Reds right-hander might lose his hair naturally.

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