Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dawn of a new era

The first sign of the Apocalypse was seeing Bob Costas seated at an adjacent table in the media dining room at Paul Brown Stadium.

Legendary broadcasters Al Michaels and John Madden were in the house as well, along with former Bengal Cris Collinsworth, sideline reporter Andrea Kremer and a throng of NBC camermen and crew.

No, this isn't a NFL playoff game. It's not even a regular season game.

It's the opening game of the preseason in Cincinnati.

Even though Carson Palmer is still sidelined, the Bengals remain a top draw for national media types. That the Bengals' numerous off-season brushes with the law made for national comment proves that Marvin Lewis' team has the eyes and ears of NFL fans globally.

Michaels, Madden and the NBC army showed up at Paul Brown Stadium tonight to broadcast a game that doesn't matter.

Remember when the Bengals didn't count?

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