Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Daily rhetoric

Bengals fans are hoping for the best when it comes to Carson Palmer. The local media would like to see him back on the field as well, but for different reasons.

The dialy rhetoric coming out of Bengals camp in relation to Palmer's playing status is growing tiresome for reporters, particularly those who cover the team on a daily basis.

Tuesday was a good example.

Head coach Marvin Lewis proclaimed that Palmer will no longer address questions in relation to when he expects to play in a game. Lewis then said it will be Palmer's decision as to when he's ready.

Later in the afternoon, Palmer addressed numerous questions on the subject including one response in which he stated Lewis will make the final decision as to when he plays.

Lewis said the doctors have cleared Palmer medically. Palmer said there are still some physical hurdles to overcome.

Palmer and Lewis seem to agree on one thing: if the Bengals quarterback doesn't play in a preseason game, he won't suit up for the opener in Kansas City.

Aside from that, when Palmer will play his next game for the Bengals is anyone's guess. And, a daily notebook item for Bengals beat reporters.

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Chris at Redleg Nation said...

If he doesn't play in a preseason game, then he won't suit up for the opener. That makes no sense. If he must play in a game before he can dress for a game, he's never going to play in a game.