Thursday, August 10, 2006


Interesting outing for Bronson Arroyo this afternoon:

He pitched seven innings, allowed four earned runs, 10 hits, walked just one, tied a season-high with eight strikeouts but gave up three home runs.

Arroyo failed in his 10th attempt to earn his 10th victory of the season, despite a new hairstyle designed to bring luck.

After the game, Arroyo was a bit bewildered.

"(Jim) Edmonds has seen a lot of soft stuff from me 1-0," Arroyo said. "I thought I'd get a strike on the inner-half and he hit it out of the park. I never thought in a million years he'd even swing at it. It's a head game between you and the hitter. Right now, they're getting the best of me."

So, will the cornrows stay?

"I'll leave them in for a while," Arroyo said. "I'm about at the end of my rope with superstitions. I can bring a live chicken in here, or I can just pitch. It's been frustrating for two months. I thought I had good stuff today. I just got beat, man."

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