Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Attendance ... again

The Enquirer's back on the case this morning.

I particularly liked the comment from the 22-year old fan who said the recent heat wave discouraged him from going to Reds games. Of course, the cost of parking, beer and concessions continues to be a problem.


Reds games rank in the top ten "least" expensive in baseball. We can only hope that the weather cools off so people will feel safe venturing out of their homes.

I weep for this town.



Joe said...

Don't forget about gas prices.

We live two hours away in Indianapolis. It costs a lot more to head down to Cincinnati than it used to. We've been to three games this year when we used to go to four-five by this point in the season. When we do go, we end up in cheaper seats than we used to buy.

We are, however, looking to go down to a couple more games, especially if the Reds stay in the playoff race.

Jeff Wallner said...

Your point has some validity. The Reds have always been somewhat of a regional draw. I'm sure gas prices are having some impact.

Joe said...

I should also mention that TV coverage is having a big impact, at least in this household.

We've had no games on TV outside of games against the Cubs, Braves, or the occasional ESPN brodcast in some recent years. (Which frequently was blacked out to protect the local affiliate that didn't exist. Ask me sometime how annoying that was.)

But 100-some games this year and a future with 145 games a year on TV? At that point, the only must-see game for me in person is Opening Day.

Apathy said...

television? wait, let me rephrase that. TELEVISION?!? that's just laziness. nothing beats going to a baseball game. if you can't get off your couch to go to a game, you've got bigger problems than just gas prices.

laziness and apathy is why this country is in decline. but what do you expect from one of the few parts of the country that still support bushie? thanks for throwing america into the garbage bin.