Sunday, August 06, 2006

ESPN: Palmer no lock

Len Pasquarelli wrote a less than compelling piece on Carson Palmer today for

Apparently, it's breaking news that Palmer isn't a "lock" to start the season-opener in Kansas City.

The story is ill-timed because the determination of Palmer's readiness for the start of the regular season was never going to be made after the first week of August. With just one week of training camp in the books, and the first preseason game still one week away, there are still many non-guarantees in Bengals camp.

Palmer's performance thus far in training camp has given the Bengals no reason to be more or less optimistic than they were during mini-camp. Perhaps Pasquarelli will do a follow-up piece at the end of August when it matters.

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Clint said...

I didn't really understand the point of Pasquarelli's story. I think everyone knows that Palmer isn't a lock for the KC game. Sure in Cincy we are all optimistic that Carson will be ready but we all realize that this isn't an easy injury to recover from and understand that its too early to tell if he will be ready or not. I agree it would have made a lot more sense for an article like this 3 or 4 weeks from now.