Monday, May 22, 2006

Twins get new brrrrrpark

A new ballpark for the Minnesota Twins became reality today when the Minnesota House passed a bill to approve funding for a 42,000-seat open-air facility in downtown Minneapolis.

Yes, I said "open-air" - no roof.

Welcome to Hypothermia Field in the land of the two-month summer.

It'll be frigid in April and downright numbing in October. A World Series pushing the 1st of November? I shiver at the thought.

Regardless, a new ballpark for the Twins is good for baseball. It also brings to an end the era of multi-purpose domed stadia.

The Metrodome isn't so bad. I like the proximity of the press box to the field and the way they honored past greats with banners in the outfield. It's still a dome with artificial turf and bereft of character, but it beats the old Astrodome and present-day Tropicana Field by a long-shot.

"It would help, but you can't always get what you want," said Twins outfielder Torii Hunter about the lack of a roof. "You just have to take that sandwich and not that filet mignon. Sometimes you have to take a sandwich and be satisfied."

I guess Hunter likes cold cuts. Perhaps the Twins could try a rectractable blanket?

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