Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pet peeves - Part I

Throwing a home run ball back on to the playing field is a tired tradition.

Sure, it was cute and unique when Cubs fans would do it at Wrigley Field. But, stop it already.

Ryan Zimmerman's home run off Claussen moments ago landed in the center-field stands an estimated 408-feet from home plate. Seconds later, and rather predictably, the ball was thrown back on the field.

If you don't want the ball, give it to a kid. Do you really think Zimmerman cares?

All seriousness aside, this is a funny story from a few years back:

When a fan of an opposing team (yes, it was the Reds) refused to throw a home run ball back at Wrigley Field, a group of Cubs fans took up a collection of about 20 dollars, bought the ball from him and threw it back themselves.


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