Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Final word on attendance

I'm always reluctant to delve into the issue of attendance in my weekly column because, honestly, no good ever comes from chastising fans in print.

The last time I wrote an attendance-related column was in 1999. The surprising Reds, much like this season, were off to a hot start. But, it took a couple of months before the fans caught on to their magical season.

I wrote a column for the Downtowner Newspaper which my editor titled "Reds are up to bat, but where are the fans?".

Jim Bowden, Reds GM at the time, approached me at batting practice and thanked me for the column. Why don't I feel like that's a good thing?

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Daedalus said...

If I were in Cincy, I'd be at the ballpark every night. I was when they came to DC. It really is sad. Cincy used to be a great baseball town, but something happened to the people. My guess is DVD players and big screen TVs.