Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pet peeves - Part II

During the construction phase of Great American Ball Park, I was asked for my personal wish-list for the Reds' new park.

Among my criteria was that it be designed in such a fashion as to render the "Wave" obsolete.

I was told that the "Gap" and various other contours and nuances in Great American Ball Park would make the "Wave" more difficult to execute than at the circular bowl-shaped Cinergy Field.

Perhaps this would discourage the fans? No such luck.

Still to this day, whenever there's a lull in the action in the latter innings, Reds fans engage in a choreographed effort to stand up and sit down in unison section by section.

When timed correctly, the "Wave" is supposed to imitate a rolling surf. Instead, it most often looks like a poorly orchestrated Catholic church mass.

I particularly enjoy watching the "conductors". You know, the fan or group of fans who start the whole process. It becomes an incredible source of pride for these individuals as they admire their handiwork as it rolls throughout the ballpark.

Ahh, life's great achievements.

Great American Ball Park is one of only a few big-league parks where the "Wave" is still attempted.

Let's make it the last.


Anonymous said...

Are you Catholic, by chance? Because that's a pretty offensive remark. I thought you were supposed to be a "professional"?

Jeff Wallner said...

I don't believe it to be offensive at all.

I'm not Catholic, but my wife and many friends are.

The number of times you stand up and sit down during a Catholic mass is something they regularly joke about.

Hence the term: "Cath-aerobics".

Just a joke. No offense intended.