Friday, February 16, 2007

Yes, I cover girls basketball ...

When you're coaching girls basketball players who are more likely to become doctors, lawyers or corporate executives than play college hoops, all you can do is have fun.

Such is the case with Indian Hill High School head coach Don Ulmer.

"We get up and down the floor well," Ulmer says of his team. "And, sometimes we remember to take the ball with us."

For those not aware, kids at IHHS generally aren't lacking financially or intellectually.

But, last night Ulmer's Braves were outsmarted - go figure - by Western Brown head coach Jon Crall who drew up a new defense at halftime to help rally his team to a Division II sectional win:

Trust me, covering prep girls basketball can be entertaining at times, sans dunks and vertical leaps measured in feet, of course.

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