Sunday, February 18, 2007

What, no hot tub injury?

Unlike the Chicago Cubs' reckless right-hander Kerry Wood, the Reds' rumored-to-be right-fielder Ken Griffey Jr. maintains a rather mundane lifestyle off the field.

Speculation ran rampant about how he suffered a broken right hand this winter, but Griffey cleared the air for Reds beat writers yesterday in Sarasota.

Griffey's injury didn't occur in a barfight, during a 100-mph motorcycle romp or, like Wood, falling out of a hot tub. Griffey, 37, said he got into a wrestling match with a 13-year old ... and lost.

"I was wrestling with my kids, starting with the youngest (Tevin)," Griffey told Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News. "We were wrestling and the other two (Taryn, Trey) jumped on. The oldest (13-year old Trey) rolled over on me and I lost my balance. I used my wrist to try to avoid falling on the other two. Trey felt really bad about it."

Did I say "mundane" lifestyle? Griffey's injury occured on his yacht. Trust me, it ain't no bass boat.

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