Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No inductee? No problem

Aside from Cooperstown, New York's need for tourism dollars and Major League Baseball's own private initiatives, who's to say there has to be an induction ceremony at the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum every summer?

Perhaps the Veterans Committee is sending the proper message but being overly stingy with its voting, failing to elect a single player in three consecutive votes.

Hall of Fame chairman Jane Forbes Clark feels the committee's apparent lack of "cooperation" merits an investigation, of sorts.

"We are disappointed that no one has been elected in the three voting cycles," Forbes Clark said. "We will be evaluating this process and its trends at our next meeting ... and discussing whether there should be any changes."

What, like uncovering a new crop of more deserving candidates?

In my opinion, the National Baseball Hall of Fame was built for the likes of Ruth, Mays, Cobb and Aaron not Craig Biggio, who with his 3,000th hit this season will likely earn serious consideration.

The most unfortunate part of Forbes Clark's argument is ... she's right. The criteria for Hall of Fame candidacy has been diluted to the point where an argument can be made for virtually any player if you use the dreaded "if he's in, then he should be in" formula.

I, for one, would love to see former Cubs third baseman Ron Santo get his just due, based on the criteria the writers have set forth. Perhaps the veterans have other ideas.


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