Friday, July 21, 2006

There's no escape

During a party bus tour of Aruba on Tuesday, we stopped at a local dive bar tucked away in an alley near downtown Oranjestad. This place was far off the beaten path, a virtual invisibility to most tourists.

But, they had cold Balashi beer on tap, great island music and baseball on TV. As I'm sipping my Balashi and jamming to the Carribean sounds, a familiar voice catches my ear - George Grande.

Couldn't be, I thought. Could it?

Yep. As it turns out, the bar had a satellite dish and, by pure coincidence, had chosen to show the FSN Ohio feed of the Reds/Mets game.

In a random watering hole, on an island nearly 2,000 miles from home and just 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela, I hear, "It's going to stay in the park".

The next time you choose to poke fun at Grande and Welsh, please stop to consider the worldly reach of these two international icons.

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Daedalus said...

What are the chances? Awesome.