Monday, July 10, 2006

PNC Park's a gem

Intimate, distinctive, charming. Is this park really in Pittsburgh?

For the next 24 hours, PNC Park will be home to the stars. It boasts one of the best city views of any big-league park. My only criticism is of a professional nature - I think you can see West Virginia from the press box.

The ballparks I've visited and my impressions (in no particular order):

1) Wrigley Field - no less great than the neighborhood which surrounds it.
2) Fenway Park - claustrophobic charm.
3) Yankee Stadium - Ruth's house is awe-inspiring.
4) Camden Yards - favorite of the new era.
5) PNC Park - love it.
6) Comerica Park - Like PNC, it has charm. Unlike PNC, it now has a good team.
7) AT&T Park - the Bay setting is beautiful, but please stop changing its name.
8) Busch Stadium - every home game's a holiday in St. Louis - not just Opening Day.
9) Veteran's Stadium - where I had my first-ever $6 beer. Seems so long ago.
10) Jacobs Field - It's in Cleveland. Can I still admit I like it?
11) Great American Ball Park - Would be much better without mascots, cheerleaders and a scoreboard that tells fans when to cheer. Best "natural" view.
12) Coors Field - surrounding neighborhood rivals Wrigleyville. Great mountain views.
13) Tropicana Field - is that artifical turf, or shag carpeting?
14) Metrodome - glad they're getting a new one. Is it too late to reconsider a roof?
15) Miller Park - like it's predecessor, County Stadium, a beer drinker's paradise.
16) Riverfront Stadium/Cinergy Field - without the Big Red Machine; dormant.
17) Skydome - lids on the beer to prevent spills. Ultra polite. Oh Canada!
18) Old Comiskey - like its South Side roots - rustic, rough.
19) New Comiskey - much better post-renovations.
20) Safeco Field - one of baseball's most underrated ballparks. I was pleasantly surprised.

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