Thursday, July 13, 2006

Get-away day

Just as I was about to turn my attention squarely toward an Aruban vacation, one last check of the e-mail revealed an eight-player deal involving the Reds and Nationals. Back to work.

I asked my editor if he wanted a re-write, knowing for sure he would. I scurried out of the house, laptop bag in tow, and raced 20 minutes to the ballpark arriving just as Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez were completing their final remarks as members of the Reds.

I wrote and recorded comments from Reds GM Wayne Krivsky and manager Jerry Narron and headed to the press box to rewrite my column. What a day.

Anyway, Krivsky's take is that bullpen help is difficult to find and costly but it's what the Reds need to contend. So, he "gulped" and made the deal while paying an admittedly steep price.

Gotta figure a move to fortify the starting rotation is in the offing.

Quote of the day:

“I gulped a lot (when agreeing to the trade),” Krivsky said. “I know there are a lot of people leaving angry messages. Other people will think the trade's great. There will probably be polls. Cincinnati leads the nation in polls.”

On that note, I'm packing for Aruba. I'll keep abreast of things from a distance. An aqua-blue watered, sandy-beached, paradise of a distance.

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