Saturday, December 16, 2006

Johnny on the spot

It’s a given that in any regime change good people will be lost.

But, if there’s one area the Reds can ill-afford to be thin it’s in player development. That department took a hit when Johnny Almaraz, the club’s director of player development/international operations resigned.

“It's been a great 17 years as part of one of the best organizations in baseball,” Almaraz said. “Over the years, I've developed great relationships with the Reds. They will be dearly missed as I pursue other avenues.”

Almaraz was unhappy in his role under first-year GM Wayne Krivsky, but specifics as to what led to his departure were unavailable. The Reds have lagged behind other clubs in the realm of international scouting and the loss of Almaraz will further hinder those efforts.

“On behalf of Bob Castellini and the entire Reds organization, I want to thank Johnny Almaraz for his hard work, loyalty and dedication to the Reds,” said Krivsky in a statement. "We enjoyed a successful 2006 minor league season due in large part to Johnny's direction and leadership."

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