Sunday, September 10, 2006

A sad irony

It was Chiefs quarterback Trent Green who provided added motivation for Carson Palmer to recover in time to start Sunday's game at Kansas City.

Green, who suffered a devastating knee injury in 1999 while with the Rams, called Palmer to offer words of encouragement.

"It's awesome," said Palmer of Green's gesture. "It's something that has stuck with me. It just helps you being a young quarterback in this league and looking up to guys like Green who have been around a long time. He's a veteran and definitely a leader."

That just added to the shock of seeing Green lying motionless on the turf after enduring a hard hit by Bengals defensive end Robert Geathers during Cincinnati's 23-10 victory over the Chiefs.

The most recent reports are that Green had feeling in his extremities and was moving. X-rays were negative.

You can be sure that Palmer is about to return Green's favor, if he hasn't already.

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