Saturday, September 30, 2006

Can't anyone here play defense?

If you're a high school football coach with a struggling defense in the Cincinnati area, I'm the last person you want to see strolling into your stadium with a laptop over his shoulder.

My previous two Enquirer assignments:

Glen Este 42 Turpin 35

Ross 52 Norwood 49

Last night's game at Norwood's Shea Stadium ended after my deadline and, so I learned late in the evening, without a working phone line on the premises. I had to dictate the story to my editor by phone, a first-time occurence for me.

Next week, can I get a nice two-hour, 14-10 game? Anyone?

A press-box worker last night had the audacity to say to me, "Great game, huh?"

I think my glare spoke for itself.

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