Friday, May 13, 2011

Brandon Phillips: Second baseman, PR machine

If Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips has political aspirations he's off to a good start.

After asking his Twitter followers how to spend Thursday's off-day, Phillips received a response from a fan who said he should come watch the Cincy Flames, a 14-and-under baseball team. Phillips asked for the address and actually showed up, watching the Flames' 13-2 victory and posing for photos with players.

The fan-friendly Phillips has been connecting with the public via his ever-popular Twitter page DatDudeBP. He's well-regarded as a willing autograph signer and rarely turns down a photo-op.

But other aspects of Phillips' personality remain a mystery. He's a relative loner on the team. There are media members he hasn't spoken to in years, although I hear he's better this season. Then there's the "I hate St. Louis" diatribe which, by the way, was provided to Hal McCoy and FOX Sports' Jim Day completely without provocation.

The only thing I'm certain of when it comes to the Reds second baseman is that he's immensely talented and a wizard with the glove. But DatDude is a strange dude.

Will the real No. 4 please stand up?

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