Thursday, April 01, 2010

Reds delay Chapman, avoid circus

Kudos to the Reds for not parading Cuban fireballer Aroldis Chapman out to the mound at Great American Ball Park in order to seize a "Look who we got!" moment.

This would've been too easy.

The Cuban Cannon throws 100-plus mph. Chapman most certainly would've generated a considerable spike in ticket sales, widespread media attention and more than likely help ship a few of his jerseys off the shelves.

Instead, the Reds did what's right. Or, it could be viewed as doing what's necessary since Chapman was shelved with back spasms late in spring camp.

The acquisition of Chapman and his corresponding mega-contract raised eyebrows throughout baseball, mostly because it was the small-market bottom-feeding Reds who worked the deal.

Chapman likely will make his much-ballyhooed debut at some point this season.

But, for now, the 5th spot in the rotation appears to hinge on Travis Wood or top draft choice Mike Leake. Here's betting on "Smoky" Travis Wood.

In Chapman's case, the Reds made a baseball decision in lieu of business.

No cheerleaders, exploding scoreboards and multiple mascots needed this time.

These Reds are intent on winning. Many experts believe they're on the right path toward doing just that.

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