Monday, March 19, 2007

Right of center

Ok, it's official. When the opposing team's at bat this season, Ken Griffey Jr. will be standing a few steps to Ryan Freel's left.

I realize it's newsworthy that Griffey, in his prime considered one of the finest centerfielders of this era, is moving to right field.

But, it's not like Carson Palmer is being moved to wide receiver. Now, that'd be front page above the fold.

So, Reds manager Jerry Narron has spilled the beans. Now, Griffey will be probed and prodded to see if he's happy with the move. And, every time he sneezes in right field, the move will be documented and dissected to determine how well Griffey's adjusting to his new position.

Forget right field, can Griffey stay healthy enough to play a full season at any position?

1 comment:

MLB Haiku said...

His glove moves to right.
His hand remains the center
of controversy.