Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Saarloos as a goose

The Reds this week acquired right-hander Kirk Saarloos (pronounced SAHR-lohs), the newest addition to my Microsoft Word dictionary.

Judging by his persona with the media, Saarloos seems to be a pretty cool customer. Here's a sampling of quotes.

On his various roles with the A's:

"That is cool. Save a game. End a game. Start a game. Win a game. What's next? Maybe I'll get an at-bat."

On a particularly rough day against the Detroit Tigers:

"When your day's (insert expletive), that's what happens. Even (good) pitches are hits."

On his new home, Great American Ball Park:

“It seems home runs don’t get hit into the first or second row. They always seem to go into that 23rd or 24th row. It seems like it’s built downhill."

His perspective on life and career:

"Whenever I catch myself feeling sorry for myself, I just think about all the other people in the world who have real hardships. Me? I'm in the big leagues. How bad can it be?"

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