Friday, March 10, 2006

Two college hoops greats

Moments ago, venerable Temple head coach John Chaney and Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson exchanged a hug and a handshake near the scorer's table at U.S. Bank Arena.

There are a lot of victories and achievements shared among those two men.

Chaney's Owls were preparing to take on the St. Joseph's Hawks in an A-10 semifinal game. Robertson was on a break from his stint on 700 WLW radio with host Andy Furman.

Game update:

St. Joseph's Chet Stachitas just hit a 3-pointer to put the Hawks ahead 12-5 with 12 minutes remaining in the first half.

Just a hunch, but I would imagine Xavier fans are rooting against Temple in this one.

Should they beat Fordham in this evening's other semifinal game, the Musketeers would face either Temple or St. Joe's in Saturday's championship game.

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