Monday, March 13, 2006

Quality NCAA Tournament resume for UC?

Cincinnati was ranked No. 40 on

The Bearcats' schedule was ranked as the fifth-most difficult in the country.

Their non-conference schedule was ranked No. 22.

UC was 11-11 against teams in the top 100 RPI.

The 'Cats won four games against RPI top 50 teams.

They were 8-8 in the Big East Conference, the toughest league in America.

Andy Kennedy and his players certainly deserve a better explanation than the rhetoric they've recieved from the NCAA Tournament committee the past 24 hours.

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Pam Feuchter said...

Mr. Wallner,

Though I may not have professional basketball expertise or a collegiate background of sportswriting, I would have to state that it is completely PATHETIC that a lack of respect continues to follow one of our beloved hometown teams.

Xavier, won a bid, the traditional and non-contested "easy" route by winning the A-10 tournament in front of a home town crowd so no questions or disagreements that their bid is deserving and well-earned. (we all know if they didn't win, XU would not have made it).

UC, however, was SUPPOSSED to receive a bid. Heck, most sports announcers didn't even have them listed as a bubble team due to the fact they were a sure "IN" based on the RPI and strength of intra-conference league games.

Can anyone name another college BB team who continued to rise against the odds such as playing under a new head coach and sports administration, playing in a new league requiring longer travel times and tougher schedules as well as key player injuries that required a different line-up midway through the season?

I can't.

Yet, isn't it ironic that Duke loses 3 games in the last 10 days and still pulls in a #1 seed.

Some worthy NCAA committee member stated he considered Armein's injury a key factor during the mid-season for UC not receiving a tournament bid. Well, did this same person take into consideration the injury JJ Redick had over the weekend? This probable knee injury didn't seem to concern the committee member in slapping down a #1 seed for Duke.

HGTV will have my support until the tournament is over.

West Side Friend