Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lewis says top pick Pollack being "selfish"

Wide receiver Kelley Washington told me at training camp a few weeks ago that the biggest difference since Marvin Lewis was hired as head coach is the lack of individualism that now persists in the Bengals locker room. "We're more of a team now," Washington said.

So, it was no surprise when Lewis chose the following words to describe top draft choice David Pollack's lengthy holdout and contract dispute.

"We have guys who have chosen to be here, and we've eliminated selfishness that occurs," said Lewis. "If that's what it comes down to, a dollar here a dollar there, they're on the wrong football team. This football team will never, never be guided by one guy, or we won't be a very good team. We will not be compromised by one player or one person. And that's not going to change. We have fought very hard over these three years to establish that, and it's important to our players we do not change that. It's been proven around the league. It's what wins in this league."

Good stuff.

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