Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Miller incentives tell tale

Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty got his hands on the details of former Xavier coach Sean Miller's deal with Arizona.

Included within Miller's reported seven-year, $18 million deal is a host of bonuses, a few of which highlight the disparity in values between a Pac-10 power with national championship aspirations and Xavier's program from the Atlantic-10.

Miller would earn $675,000 if the Wildcats won a national title. He gets $25K for a first or second-round NCAA Tournament win, $50K for reaching the Elite Eight, and $175K for a Final Four appearance.

A top-10 finish in the AP Poll earns Miller $30K, or $20K for Top 20. If he's named Pac-10 Coach of the Year, an additional $20K comes his way.

Regardless, Miller will get two cars, 20 basketball season tickets, 8 football season tickets, and 30 private jet hours a year.

As a non-descript throw-in, Miller would get $25K if 42-percent or more of his players graduated. Just 42-percent, less than half.

At least Miller no longer has to concern himself with such trivial matters as an education.

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