Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thom-ahawk chop

The Reds gambled on Thom Brennaman and won.

Just days after (or hours, or perhaps just prior to) announcing that Steve Stewart's contract would not be renewed, the Reds reached deep into the desert to bring a familiar name, face and voice back to town.

The club announced earlier this week that Thom Brennaman would vacate his seat in the Diamondbacks broadcast booth and join his father, Hall of Famer Marty, on Reds broadcasts beginning next season.

Funny how nepotism is as popular in Cincinnati as cheese coney's and Oktoberfest.

We need more Brennamans like we need more Lukens, Mallorys and Hudepohls.

All kidding aside, this is a wonderful move by the Castellini-led Reds because Thom is more than just the chip off Marty's block.

He's a talented broadcaster, professional in voice and manner, and a likely successor to the throne should his father decide to take up golf full-time.

"It's definitely a tremendous loss," D'backs president Derrick Hall told the Arizona Republic. "Thom is such a talent, not only here, but with his national presence. Fans across the nation enjoy his work."

The Reds still have one broadcast seat to fill.

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