Friday, February 10, 2006

Krivsky fires one signs another

Wayne Krivsky's first day as Reds GM resulted in assistant GM Brad Kullman's ouster and the signing of Timo Perez to a minor-league contract.

The first move was no surprise. The second was anything but a bombshell.

Still, Krivsky is beginning to live up to his no-nonsense reputation that helped convince Reds CEO Bob Castellini to hire him in the first place.

Kullman told the local papers that we wasn't surprised by the move since it's common practice for a new GM to free up space within the organization to bring in his own people. But, he was understandably hurt after 11 productive years with the Reds.

I always enjoyed speaking with Kullman. He's a personable, intelligent guy. He'll land on his feet.

Just a hunch, but I think the changes which have occured during the past month are just the beginning. The tree's being shook. Who will be the next leaf to fall?

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